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The State Library of Oregon maintains the Oregon Library Directory as a service to provide contact information about Oregon libraries. Use it to download and print mailing labels, contact library directors, create lists, and more. A directory for K-12 school libraries can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website. Information about special libraries is submitted voluntarily; thus, their listings are not comprehensive.

Please note that data about Oregon public libraries can be found on the library statistics page. You can also view a map of Oregon libraries based on the directory data.

Library directors, please keep your library's directory information current. Click on the 'edit' button next to your library to upate information.

NOTE: the "System Membership" field reflects public library district affiliation (i.e., county service district or service district). This field is not editable. To request an addition or correction, please contact Library Support (503-378-2525, library.support@slo.oregon.gov ).

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